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Back-to-School Prayer Event

Updated: Apr 8

My friend Alayna, who is a mom, and her parents, Bill and Lori, who are grandparents, held a back-to-school prayer event.

It was powerful! 🔥

There was fellowship time and a preaching moment, and then they anointed each kid, as well as parents, grandparents, and people who work with kids.

1 John 2:27 says that God’s anointing abides with us — meaning it stays with us, wherever we go — even to school! And the Bible says that His anointing teaches us about all things.

It teaches us the truth. ✝️

We were glad to see many families show up to pray over this coming school year and receive God’s blessing and protection for them and their children, grandchildren and students.

After the anointing line, we all gathered around and prayed for the children!

Also, we had good food, and Alayna shared how our CD is helping her daughter Lilly sleep better at night.

I was happy to connect families with books, CDs and other resources from Moose & Squirrel Media and HoneyCreek Kids! We have so many great things for kids, and I was really glad to see families go home with that so they have really great resources for this year and beyond. 🚀

We definitely recommend prayer events for all districts and communities! If this resonates with you and you’re watching this and you’re like, "Man, we should have this in our community," I want you to know, you’re empowered to start it.*

Just think — what if this happened nationwide? 😃

Communities coming together, praying over their kids, praying over their school districts.

Don’t you think we would see a change? ⁉️

We even had a guy come who’s running for school board! Get the school board involved; get the teachers involved. This is a community effort.

Prayer is the most powerful weapon we have, and our faith is a shield against attacks of the enemy.

Let’s rise up, come together, and pray for our kids. 🙏

*FREE downloadable PDF for those who may want to coordinate a similar prayer and anointing service in their community:

Order of Ceremony for Back-To-School Prayer Event
Download PDF • 88KB

Please let us know if you would like to host a prayer event for the kids in your community. We would love to stand in agreement with you, pray for your event, provide resources, and even attend your event if possible!

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