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Updated: Sep 1, 2022

My amazing friend Kelry Kirschenmann and I designed my birthday party save the dates and invitations with the theme of "floral and feminine," with plenty of blush pink. And I requested that people try to show up in attire that fit that vibe.

But then I realized one problem: *I* didn’t have anything suitable to wear! 😮

I needed a dress that was either blush pink or floral. I tried looking online but everything that seemed to match that style was too expensive. So, I thought about shopping locally at some more affordable stores, but I felt like God told me not to go shopping.

So then, I thought of asking some friends who might have such a dress, if I could borrow one. But I felt like God told me not to ask anyone if I could borrow a dress either.


God had me in quite a bind (at least that’s how it felt): I wasn’t allowed to buy a dress and I wasn’t allowed to ask anyone for a dress!

It’s like my hands were tied.

But the great thing is: when you let yourself be in God’s “bind,” you are on your way to freedom and victory.

As my birthday approached, I wondered what I would wear. In my flesh, I thought about going to a fashion store, and I also thought about texting a friend to tell her of my need, but I knew God didn’t want me to do either.

So I refrained.

I eventually figured maybe I would just contrast with everyone and wear something different, but that didn’t fully sit right with me.

Thankfully, God had other plans!

He knows the desires of our hearts, and I feel like He enjoys putting us in situations that will stretch our faith, if we will simply cooperate with Him and wait on the Lord.

Just three days before my party, while I was staying at the home of my awesome friend Christi Given (who knew nothing of my birthday attire conundrum), I heard a knock at the guest room door.

It was Christi’s husband, Connor. He handed me a dress and said, “Christi told me to give this to you.”

I laid it out and was in awe. It was *exactly* what I needed — a floral feminine dress, hitting below the knee, with a flowy fabric.

And, as a bonus, she gave me a long necklace that was exactly the kind I’d been wanting! (She had no way of knowing that from the natural, human realm, but she listens to God and is very obedient!)

Wow. The dress fit perfectly, and the colors complement my skin tone. Isn’t God amazing!?

Having a dress with this kind of story behind it is way better than anything else I ever could have bought or borrowed on my own strength.

This experience definitely grew my faith and reinforced to me how important it is that we listen to God and obey him. He will give us better than we could have ever gotten on our own from all our dreaming, scheming and resources, when we simply wait on Him and let Him provide!

When you’re in a position where nothing can happen unless God makes it happen, you’re in *prime position* to see God move.
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