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When it comes to acting and modeling, your headshot can make or break you.


It’s the first thing — and, often, the only thing — casting directors see when making a decision of who to cast. They sort through tons of headshots and pick the ones that stand out. Some directors don’t even look at any other photos or reels; they simply book from the headshot.


Basically, your headshot is your ticket.


An excellent headshot opens doors.



Anthony & Tiffany Salerno are digital content creators with a heart for God, children, Hollywood and everyone impacted by arts and entertainment.

Your voice is unique, and coupled with acting ability and/or the skills to impersonate others or simply read with confidence, your voice could be an excellent asset.


So, how do you get started in voiceover work? 


Well, the first thing you need is a solid voiceover reel.


And that’s something we can help you with.


In our sound-insulated vocal booth, we have a U-47 with a pop filter, into a Neve 1073 mic pre into an LA2A compressor into Apogee converters, running LogicX or ProTools.


If that sounds like gibberish to you, don’t worry. It simply means we have top-of-the-line commercial equipment, so the audio quality of your voiceover will sound professional, not like an amateur.


And if you’d like help putting together a script that can showcase your range of ability for a variety of industries, we’d be glad to assist you with that as well.


Temple Ink Studio — your one-stop shop for a great voiceover reel, from A to Z.

If you work with us for your headshot, you can be assured that we will create a photo for you that is well-lit, properly framed and professional-looking. Plus, we will do our best to help you feel comfortable and confident — because casting directors look for self-assured people who seem comfortable on camera. 


When you feel great, it shines through the photo and helps them see the beauty of who you are.


Plus, we can take multiple character photos for you as well — so they can see you as the sweetheart, the tough guy or girl, and other roles.


Book a session with us for headshots that could open doors.

Many casting directors want to see you in action before they book you for the gig.


Especially if they’re choosing between a couple actors who have similar headshots, your reel could make all the difference.


An adventurous reel can take you to the next level in your acting, modeling, hosting or other talent career. But if you need copies of past work to generate a reel, where do you begin?


That’s where we come in.


We will light, film and sound-record you in a totally professional way so that the visual components and audio of your clips position you as a working actor who is experienced on set and ready for more. And if you have additional talents to show, we’d be glad to capture those on camera as well.


Plus, if you’d like help finding scripts or coming up with ideas of scenes for your reel, we’ve got you!


Contact us today to get your reel made. We would love to work with you — for your reel, for real.




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