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Helping teens discover who God really is and who they really are

And guiding them on a Godly path to make
right choices for a successful future

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Our Story

Anthony & Tiffany Salerno both grew up in church,

but they had to come a long way
to truly surrender and dedicate their lives fully to Jesus Christ.
As speakers, musicians, filmmakers, writers and artist-creators,

the Salernos enjoy helping teens and young adults
learn from their mistakes and discover the goodness of God. 


ANTHONY is what his parents often called an "experiential learner." 
He tried the ways of the world and found that nothing truly satisfied.

He also tried to do the "church things" but felt dead inside and far from God
until he truly encountered Jesus Christ.

TIFFANY entered her teen years with plenty of insecurities and a craving for others' approval. Like the woman of John 4, she tried to find affirmation and attention from men, from people she admired, and from the world of social media, but she found that only Jesus is the fountain of life that never runs dry. 

Anthony & Tiffany Salerno are happy to speak on:

  • Receiving true heart transformation, versus just changing behaviors on the outside.

  • Finding identity, value, affirmation and emotional security in Jesus Christ.

  • Being bold in evangelism — taking the Word to the streets!

  • Making wise choices even in teenage situations.

  • Hearing and obeying God's voice. To truly know Him is life's greatest adventure.

  • And more!

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Many teens and young adults — mostly rappers and hip-hop artists but also spoken word artists, pop musicians and others — come through our recording studio, Temple Ink. Often, their parents or grandparents pay for the studio time because they know it keeps their kids out of trouble and helps them spend time around people who can be a positive influence.

Music is what got Anthony involved in youth group and interested in God in his teens, even though it wasn't until his late 20s that God "really got ahold of his life." Anthony is an expert guitarist, pianist and bass player, and he also plays multiple percussion instruments and produces music of a variety of genres.

Tiffany started playing guitar and writing songs in her mid 20s and found it very healing and therapeutic as she sang her prayers to God and sang back over herself what God was saying to her. She soon started writing and playing songs for and with the middle school girls at her church.

Anthony and Tiffany met on his birthday in 2018 and married in 2020 at Mt Baldy Village Church, where Anthony is the worship minister and Tiffany is the youth director.

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Life can be tough. Where are the answers when you need them?

This enlightening black book provides the wisdom you may need, wrapped in real-life situations.

It helps people navigate life's challenges with ease, so they can sail past potholes and succeed where others have failed.

Because "nice people may finish last" sometimes, but if they live with honesty and kindness, they will win in the end.

This handbook covers friendships, relationships, work, family life and more, through the lenses of civility, forgiveness, loyalty and other themes, in short sections with oft-humorous comic book illustrations.

A Handbook for Life — a guide to winning with integrity.


Tiffany is co-editor of A Handbook for Life, and Anthony is a writer and illustrator of the book.

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