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And I'm your host... 


Tiffany Salerno has hosted on camera and LIVE for red carpet events, TV shows, ministry gatherings and product commercials in Los Angeles, in other states and even overseas.

Her hosting/emcee credits include Overcomers TV in Haiti, the Holywood Network in Dallas, the Hollywood Prayer Network and STAR Education in West Los Angeles, Music Tuesdays in Bakersfield, and Discipleship Now in eastern Los Angeles and Orange County.

Tiffany and her husband, Anthony Salerno, often work as a team — sometimes co-hosting together, and other times, with Anthony filming while Tiffany welcomes and interviews guests.

Click the images below to view videos of Tiffany hosting. To book Tiffany and/or Anthony as host(s) for your event, call or text "HOST" to 626-806-2330, email "HOST" to MooseAndSquirrelMedia, or visit our CONTACT page.

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Tiffany (Roney) Salerno graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in mass communications with dual emphases in journalism and public relations and a minor in English - creative writing. She later earned a graduate certificate in professional communication and technical writing, also from Kansas State University. 

She lives and works with her husband, Anthony Salerno, in Los Angeles. Anthony is a cinematographer, director​, music producer and speaker.

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