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Many productions need “aspirational couples” who have great chemistry and can play anything from newly dating to newlyweds to new parents. Look no further! 😊

We enjoy playing a couple — after all, we are a couple in real life, so it comes pretty naturally. 😉 Also, we have played the role of parents of grade-school children, and Tiffany has also played the mom to a baby. We really like kids (in fact, we have a whole kids ministry with music), so we’re glad to work with kids.

No matter who we’re playing, we aim to bring to the screen the love we have for each other and the joy we’ve found in Christ.


If you need a “cute couple,” we’ve got you covered.





6 feet tall

Size medium everything
Coat 38 regular
16.5 coat sleeve
Pants 32 regular
With 39.5 outseam
Shirt 15 neck
With 34/35 sleeve length

Shoe size 11



Size small everything

Dress 4/6

Pants 4/6

Shoe size 9

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