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Sometimes, you just need a second pair of eyes. 

Or at least, that’s what you may think at first.

But for most of my clients, it turns into so much more.

Just listen to an actress turned Bible teacher who starred in a PureFlix film:

"I would like to thank my senior editor, Tiffany Salerno. Tiffany did so much more than just provide 'another set of eyes' — she polished my writing so it would be easier to understand, especially for people who are less familiar with the Bible. She also worked many hours organizing the material in a way that made the book more powerful to read."

Teri Copley, author of "The Three Heavens as They Truly Are"

To buy "The Three Heavens as They Truly Are!" as a an e-book, click here — or for the hard copy, click here.

How about hearing from a Grammy-nominated, Platinum producer? This visionary wrote a book for teens that is accompanied by audio downloads from one of the nation's leading spoken word artists. I co-edited the book. 


“Tiffany not only caught errors but also went above and beyond in truly making the book better. My book improved because of her work.”


Tony Salerno, creator of "A Handbook for Life." Salerno is a multi-book author and a public speaker.

Click here to buy "A Handbook for Life."

Another author, who has been featured on TBN, JUCE TV, the Hillsong Channel and more, had this to say about my editing services:

“Tiffany is an amazing editor. Not only does she catch and fix grammatical and punctuation errors, but also she helps with organizing concepts and even with formatting page numbers, the table of contents — everything! Also, I love that she has a heart for God, so she really understands the book’s message on a spiritual level. I recommend Tiffany for all your editing needs!”

Christi Given, author of "Daughter of the King — How to Find Your True Royal Purpose and Identity," available through Barnes & Noble and on Amazon

Click here to buy the paperback through Barnes & Noble or here to purchase directly from the author.

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Our editorial services include comprehensive editing (everything from the big picture of how chapters and concepts are organized down to the details of spelling, punctuation, grammar and word choice). I help writers view their work from an outsider's perspective so they can take their readers with them on a journey — whether it's a fictional story or a path of ideas from Point A to Point Z. I help writers express their ideas to their target market in a way that is powerful, meaningful and memorable.

We also offer:

• Formatting — We format the book for physical publication and e-book specifications
with proper page size, page numbering, copyright page, etc.
• Book cover design.
• Audiobooks — Your book read with expression, with the audio sweetened, plus intro and
outro bumpers, formatted for Audible and other platforms.
• Marketing — We market your book through traditional and social media, locally and
beyond. See our marketing page.
• Book trailers — A promotional video, formatted for multiple platforms (YouTube &
Facebook, Instagram and Instagram story, etc.).
• Photos — New headshots and lifestyle shots to promote your book. For samples, see our photography page.


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