Anthony & Tiffany Salerno


Individually and collectively, our songs have been featured in film, TV and radio, and we have led worship and performed character-building songs for thousands of children at public schools, churches, summer camps, community concerts and other venues.

We offer everything from public school assemblies to mega-church concerts, from small backyard birthday parties to summer camp band jams and many things in between.

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CONTACT us to book us for an event, program or party; to bring a worship clinic to your church; or to apply to have your kids appear in our YouTube show or music videos for children.


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Tiffany with Kids for Moose and Squirrel

Here, Tiffany plays guitar with a pair of sisters at Emmanuel Church in Abilene, Kansas. One of the songs they sang together was one Tiffany wrote for the church's middle schoolers called, “The Prayer Song.”