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Anthony & Tiffany Salerno

Helping kids discover their TRUE IDENTITY
as worshippers of 
Jesus Christ

Christian Kids' Music and Books for
Churches • Schools • Families • Camps • More

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“Anthony and Tiffany Salerno’s music helped our daughter behave better in the car! Her attitude was not where it needed to be, so we offered to her that she could pick a song from their CD. She asked for ‘Strong in the Lord.’ Soon, she was singing along and had returned to joy. Their music helped usher in the presence of God and change our daughter’s attitude.” 

Dehlia Ford-Feliz, homeschooling mother

and Christian sports YouTube personality 


Anthony & Tiffany Salerno lead worship and perform music for
VBS • Sunday Services • Family Worship Nights • Birthday Parties 
Summer Camps • School Assemblies • and more!

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What's unique about Anthony & Tiffany Salerno's music?

It's not just "old songs made new"
nor just songs for adults "made younger."
These are original, new songs made especially for children.
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— Dr. Lee Benton

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Family Worship Nights

The foundation of communities and nations is families. God used one family to bless the whole world!

What could he do with the families in your church? 

Invite whole families to come and encounter God together. Hear bite-sized messages and enjoy music that can resonate with
all ages.

“The family that PRAYS together STAYS together.”


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Anthony & Tiffany Salerno's songs have been featured in film, TV and radio. Collectively, they have led worship and performed character-building songs for thousands of children at public schools, churches, summer camps, community concerts and other venues.

The Salernos offer everything from public school assemblies to mega-church concerts, from small backyard birthday parties to summer camp jams, and many things in between.

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Click here to book Anthony & Tiffany Salerno for
VBS • Sunday Services • Family Worship Nights • Birthday Parties 
Summer Camps • School Assemblies • and more!

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