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In Motion

It's all about vision

To us, vision is not just being able to see physically through our lenses, but more importantly, it’s about understanding your metaphorical vision and creating a video that will best display your message.

Whether it’s a promo video for a company, non-profit, or book; a music video or acting reel for at artist; or an event coverage video for a live event of any size, we start with a vision in mind to best serve you, and we don’t stop until we see that vision fulfilled.


We offer:
• Live-streaming (which especially became popular in 2020 and which we expect to continue to be important for years to come).

• Lighting design.

• DP/cinematography work.

• Production sound.
• Promotional videos for businesses and non-profits, as well as for books and other projects.
• Music videos for hip-hop, country, children’s music and other genres.
• Acting and hosting reels.
• Interviews.
• Documentaries.
• Event coverage videos.
• Photography.

In addition, we are glad to edit videos sent to us, whether they are for TV shows, film projects, acting reels or any other purpose. We are glad to shoot and edit for a variety of platforms, whether it’s 4K for Netflix, 1080 by 1920 for IGTV, or any other dimension, frame rate or video quality needed.


Anthony grew up working in the film industry because his parents have produced content for children and adults for years. He has since become known in the field as a dependable and knowledgeable director, producer and cinematographer who has an excellent understanding of light and also is skilled in directing, shooting and video-editing. He has shot and edited video for film, television, commercials and music videos for a variety of businesses, non-profits and artists.

Tiffany grew up directing and shooting home videos of her friends and then worked as a collegiate videographer and journalist for the online version of her university’s newspaper. She has worked alongside Anthony in film and TV shoots as a production assistant, art director, audio technician, and director’s assistant.

Together, Anthony & Tiffany enjoy making great videos, with the firm belief that if they are doing their job right, the video should be different and better because they were the ones to shoot it. To them, it’s not just about being able to hold a camera but about being able to understand a story and to share it in motion.


Call or text us at 626-806-2330 (Anthony) or 785-317-4165 (Tiffany), or shoot us an email at MooseAndSquirrelMedia (at) We look forward to working with you!


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