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UGC Video Production

By MAS Media

These days, User-Generated Content style videos on social media often perform just as well, if not better, in terms of ROI, than traditional corporate commercials.

For UGC that brings the wins, look no further.

Our UGC videos run on the social media ad channels (and are sometimes posted on the social media accounts of) a variety of companies, often in the grocery delivery, health and wellness (supplements, fitness, etc.), skincare, and household products industries.

We make a great team because Anthony is a DP/cinematographer, director, video editor, and gaffer (meaning we have access to plenty of great lighting and other equipment, plus his skills to use it well!), and Tiffany is an actress, model, and production assistant.


We also sometimes hire other actors to round out scenes, add variety, or speak more directly to a client's target market.


We film at home and on location for TikTok and Instagram commercials, Facebook and Snapchat ads, and more. Additionally, we have written scripts and shotlists for e-commerce companies that specialize in social media ads and other video projects.


We would be grateful to work with you!

Call us or text "UGC" to 785-317-4165. Or email us at MooseAndSquirrelMedia (at) gmail (dot) com.

We produce a *lot* of UGC ads, as well as other videos.

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