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Gee Squirrel you're my best pal! Let's never let anything come between us.

Film & Music Production
Digital Content Creation
Holistic Marketing & Development
Ministry for Children & Adults

Anthony & Tiffany Salerno are digital content creators with a heart for God, children, Hollywood and everyone impacted by arts and entertainment.


Anthony was raised by Grammy-nominated music producers who created the first Platium album in the U.S. He grew up as a baby on tour buses, a little kid in the recording studio and eventually graduated with commercial music degree from California State Polytechnic University, Pomona. He is now a director, cinematographer, graphic designer and film & music producer with his own recording studio. He is the worship pastor at Mount Baldy Village Church and is a member of the VICTORY ROAD BAND for award-winning TV host Lee Benton. Also, he is the director of "VICTORY ROAD with Lee Benton" and is a video editor for "Answering the Call."


-Moose (Rocky and Bullwinkle)


Anthony's father, Tony Salerno, has launched and consulted for multiple successful ministries, from Agape Force and Silver Wind to the children’s and youth ministry of The Cause Church. Tony & Kathy Salerno produce songs and stories for children through their small business, Magination; serve children in foster care through their non-profit, Forever Kids; and lead Gen X’ers and adults of all ages in their ministry, Discipleship Now. Anthony and Tiffany work and volunteer in all three of his parents’ endeavors.


Tiffany grew up writing fiction stories and songs; choreographing and performing dance routines; starting small businesses; and directing, filming and acting in comedic shorts and music videos with her friends. Raised in Abilene, Kansas, Tiffany desired to live in California ever since her first visit to the Golden State at age 12. She visited whenever possible, and she acted, modeled, danced, sang and wrote whenever possible. Tiffany graduated from Kansas State University with a bachelor's degree in journalism and public relations and a minor in creative writing. After living and working in Kansas City, she returned to K-State and earned a graduate certificate in technical writing and professional communication. In her early 20s, she started playing guitar and returned to songwriting with renewed vision, focusing especially on children’s music. She lived with her prophetic and prayer warrior relatives in Bakersfield before moving to Los Angeles in October 2018, just in time for Radiance International’s Hollywood Arise, which helped Tiffany understand her purpose as an Esther in the entertainment industry.

Tiffany’s dad, Daryl Roney, grew up as a hardworking son on the family farm and continues to use his spare time to serve his family and others with his carpentry and repairman skills, much like the star of Anthony and Tiffany’s favorite TV show, “King of the Hill.” Also, he is a retired banker. Her mother, Kris Roney, is a nurturing sweetheart who worked as a substitute teacher for years before returning to her original career as a medical lab technologist. Her parents are well-loved in their Sunday School class at Emmanuel Church, where Tiffany has served in the worship team, youth group and children’s ministry — now together with Anthony on their visits to Abilene, Kansas.

As the founders of Moose and Squirrel Media, Anthony and Tiffany enjoy serving God and people in a variety of ministries and businesses and creating inspiring content for all ages. They aim to take artists and businesses to the next level; rescue and empower vulnerable children and adults; bring joy, unity and passion to the church; and show the whole world the truth that God is love.

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