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Songwriting and Music Production

Anthony & TIffany Salerno | Moose & Squirrel Media

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We have written and performed dozens of original kids' songs for hundreds of thousands of kids in multiple states and overseas, and songs we have written and produced have been featured in film/TV and commercial projects, streamed online, aired on the radio, and distributed to hundreds of thousands of students in the Los Angeles Unified School District.

"'Stars and Dots,' the production is fire. Really, really well done."

— Shari Short, multi-platinum producer, singer and songwriter who has worked with and written for Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and more... speaking of our kids' song, "Stars and Dots"

Now, as ASCAP songwriters, we bring that same expertise — including more than 10,000 hours of engineering and mixing in our studio — to clients needing songs for schools, camps, YouTube channels, birthdays, churches, and more.

"Tiffany sings like a Disney princess."

— Christi Given, TV singer and songwriter
of 300+ short tracks for
Bravo TV,
TLC, the Lifetime channel, and more


In over two decades of writing and recording kids' songs, we have had hundreds of satisfied clients in multiple states of the U.S. (including a Grammy-nominated platinum producer in Los Angeles, and others), as well a school in the UK, a separate art camp in the UK, and clients in South Asia and Southeast Asia, plus countless happy kids (and adults!) who enjoy our music.

"Amazing! Song and vocals. Thank you, it was a pleasure working with you on this project."

— SJ Bradbury, principal of The Pines Special School in the UK


With every gig that comes in, we are thrilled to get to work creating original songs tailored to the clients' needs.

"They know their work very well and (are) very professional. I am very satisfied with the theme song they wrote to us and sang for my academy. The lyric(s are) meaningful and the voice also lovely. Thank you very much."

— Cherry Ho of Johan Speaking Academy in Malaysia

Studio Equipment List

  • Mics: Neumann U47, Shure SM 7B, two Rode NT2s, Cad E100, AKG D112, plus many other dynamic microphones.

  • Mic Pre-Amps: BAE 1073, UA 610, FocusRite Red 1

  • Outboard Compressors: Purple MC77 (Vintage 1176 Clone), LA2A, FocusRite Red 3, Distressor

  • Hardware Synths: Corg Triton, Corg Micro-Corg, Corg 01 FD, Corg Poly 800, Corg M1, Corg Electribe, Yamaha DX7, Yamaha DX7II FD, Yamaha TX7, Yamaha TX81Z, Roland TB303, Roland TR606, Roland SH-32, Roland XP30, Roland Juno-60, Moog Satellite, Oberheim OB-Xa, Ensoniq ESQ1, Roland RS-09, Roland JV-1080, Roland MC505, Fender Suitcase Rodes MK IV

  • Plug-Ins: FabFilter Complete Bundle, Waves (various), Baby Audio (various), Maag EQ 4, various SSL Bus compressors, plus many more

  • Software: ProTools, Logic

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Anthony and Chris speak at a school assembly (Kid of Character).jpg


  • Anthony holds a bachelor's degree in commercial music from California Polytechnic State University.

  • Tiffany graduated with a bachelor's degree in mass communications with a dual emphasis in journalism and public relations and a minor in English - creative writing. She later earned a graduate certificate in technical writing and professional communication.

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