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Anthony & Tiffany Salerno

Helping Kids and Families
Connect with Christ
and Grow in the Lord
through Fun Music
and Engaging Stories

You want kids in your family — or kids and families in your church — to really connect with God, experience His transformation, and live out their identity as His beloved servants and warrior-strong worshippers. You don't want just another event, or just to have to do VBS because it's that time of the year. You want something with the capacity to change lives.

We love to lead children, teens, young adults and the whole family in fun songs and life-changing worship that invite them to come to Jesus in a deeper way. We also provide inspiring and convicting messages that call people of all ages to grow into who they were created to be.

A Little Backstory...

Anthony was raised in the family that pioneered Christian kids' music in America. Before Veggie Tales and Psalty, there were Music Machine and Bullfrogs and Butterflies, produced by Tony & Kathy Salerno, whose music has gone around the world. Their debut album, Music Machine, released in 1977, was the first Christian  kids album to sell more than 100K copies, let alone to go Platinum. It put Christian kids' music on the map and helped create a whole new genre that had not been taken seriously by labels and industry professionals up that point. 

Anthony's father, Grammy-nominated, Dove Award-winning, Platinum music producer Tony Salerno, created BibleMan, produced kids' programs for network TV, and earned a Teacher's Choice Award for his children's books. Thus, Anthony grew up in the music studio and on film sets for his parents' projects. Soon, Anthony was helping write, record, lead and perform worship music and positive songs for children, teens and families. He is excited to continue his parents' legacy with his wife.

Tiffany started writing kids' worship songs several years before meeting Anthony. After leading her original songs for kids at a listening prayer clinic she helped launch, a Christian music and movement program called Sing 'N Sprout, and other venues, she recognized her God-given assignment to record a kids' worship album while attending Radiance International's Launch School of Ministry. Shortly thereafter, she met Anthony, who became the producer for her EP, "I Am a Worshipper," which they then released as a couple. She is grateful to be married into and partnered with the family of pioneers of Christian kids' music in the United States and beyond. 

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