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HoneyCreek Kids LIVE

Better Kids for a Better World

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HoneyCreek Kids Live uses exciting music and engaging performances to deliver the message of making good choices based on solid character and foundational values. In cooperation with Forever Kids, HoneyCreek Kids Live has performed for thousands of children and teens over more than a decade at school assemblies, youth camps, library programs, family events and more.

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HoneyCreek Kids Live's performances strongly coordinate with HoneyCreek Kids' ABC’s of Character, a life-changing book for children and families. The book has been distributed to tens of thousands of students throughout Southern California. We find it is best presented in assemblies and at events with live music and interactive messages to help kids understand the book's concept and get excited about reading it at home with their families.

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For older kids ages 12 and up, HoneyCreek Kids Live's performances correspond to Wow — 10 Words of Wisdom, a guide providing character-based acumen for teens and tweens, wrapped in real-life situations. This handbook covers friendships, relationships, work, family life and more, through the lenses of civility, forgiveness, loyalty and other positive themes. The book includes audio downloads by notable spoken word artist Chris Webb, as well as oft-humorous comic-style illustrations. WOW  — a guide to winning with integrity.

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Click to listen to our children's song, "I Do My Best!"

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