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A Handbook for Life (book PLUS spoken word audios)

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Life can be tough. Where are the answers when you need them?

This enlightening black book provides the wisdom you may need, wrapped in real-life situations.

It helps people navigate life's challenges with ease, so they can sail past potholes and succeed where others have failed.

Because "nice people may finish last" sometimes, but if they live with honesty and kindness, they will win in the end.

This handbook covers friendships, relationships, work, family life and more, through the lenses of civility, forgiveness, loyalty and other themes, in short sections with oft-humorous comic book illustrations.

A Handbook for Life — a guide to winning with integrity.


Includes 12 downloadable spoken word recordings, FREE with book!

The "A Handbook for Life" spoken word recordings are by Chris Webb and Jahdai Dunk.

Jahdai Dunk


About the creator of A Handbook for Life

Magination Media | Our Story

Tony Salerno is an author and speaker, as well as the creative producer of gold, platinum and Grammy-nominated albums. Salerno is called upon as a consultant for companies and non-profits, but young people — 20-somethings, teens and children — are his favorites to work with and advise.


Recommended for ages 12 and up


Praise for other works by Tony Salerno

“We’ve seen approximately 75% improvement in students exhibiting positive behavior after they have been instructed in the Character Classics.” — Dr. Mary Martinez, principal in Glendora, CA

“When I was a kid, our family played this recording (Bullfrogs & Butterflies) so much that the tape broke. My kids are enjoying these songs just as much as I did. It is upbeat, positive, and just plain fun!” — Heather Cotsworth, mother in Austin, Texas

“When we invite kids back to talk with them after they graduate from our school, they always refer to the music — they never forget the words!” — Dr. Gene Bedley, CEO of the National Character Education Center, a PTA National Educator of the Year, principal and teacher


The "Handbook for Life" team includes:

• Tony Salerno, lead writer
• Kathy Salerno and Tiffany Salerno, co-editors
Chris Webb, spoken word artist (heard on the accompanying audio tracks!)
Jahdai Dunk, writer and spoken word artist
Anthony Salerno, writer and illustrator
• Cesar DeCastro, illustrator
• Jet Ayala and Jeriah Dunk, layout designers

We are proud of what we created, and we hope that it will help many young people and adults to "win with integrity."

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