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Event Photography

by Tiffany Salerno

From star-studded red carpets to the fanciest of birthday parties and family celebrations, as well as corporate functions, we've got your event photography covered.
We're here to capture your finest moments, and while you're enjoying your event,
we'll do our best to get your good side.

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IMG_5988 REV 2.jpg
IMG_5210 REV.jpg
Major - as posted by HPN - 2.jpg
IMG_5218 REV.jpg
IMG_5612 REV.jpg
IMG_5201 REV 2 ___.jpg
IMG_5523 REV.jpg
IMG_5999 REV 2.jpg
Major - as posted by HPN - 1.jpg
IMG_4627 3.jpg
IMG_5643 REV 2.jpg
Major - as posted by HPN - 3.jpg

Our Clients

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