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Daughter of the King — How to Find Your True Royal Purpose and Identity

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"Daughter of the King — How to Find Your True Royal Purpose and Identity" is about how to tap into your full potential, how to find your God-given purpose and how to overcome obstacles. Just as Queen Esther was handpicked for the palace "for such a time as this," we all are given positions of influence and authority — and it's not just so we can soak up the blessings! We are placed in those positions, whether at work, in friendships, or other spheres of life, to speak up for God and for those in need. Let's live out the royal, powerful lives that God has destined for us!


Authored by Christi Given, graduate of Vanguard University, former TBN host, singer-songwriter of 300+ mini-tracks and short jingles for Bravo TV, A&E, Lifetime and E! Entertainment, and founder of Holywood Network.

Edited by Tiffany Salerno, graduate of Kansas State University, host for Holywood Network and Hollywood Prayer Network, singer-songwriter for children's music, and founder of Moose & Squirrel Media.

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