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"You are Special" by Max Lucado

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This is the book that inspired Tiffany Salerno to write the song, "Stars and Dots!"

Though this beautifully illustrated book is designed for children, it impacted Tiffany as an adult. Its message is about not letting others' opinions define us but rather seeking God and hearing what He says about us. Our Maker's voice is truthful, it is loving, and it is the source of our peace and freedom.

Whenever we perform "Stars and Dots" live, people of all ages — especially women (young and old) who use social media — say that the song spoke to them.

And this book was the inspiration.

Its story is timeless, ageless and powerful.

Buy the book today. And remember: YOU ARE SPECIAL.

"Stars and Dots" is the first track on our kids' album, "I Am a Worshipper."

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