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"Please do more Princess Worship birthday parties!"

— Karen Miller
Southern California

PRINCESS WORSHIP: Leading kids in worship and fun praise songs and teaching them about how to live out our royal calling! 👑

“Thank you for blessing us with such a beautiful worship session and making Luna’s day extra special.”


— Dehlia Ford-Feliz,
mom of two,
former pro tennis player

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"I'm just so grateful to Tiffany. Love what she brings. Loved the songs and especially the individual blessings for each girl; so special."

— Kristin Saito,  
mother of two,
writer for

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“I love how Tiffany came out in a princess dress and walked regally into that role. Girls look up to princesses at this age, and with everything going on these days, it was refreshing. Tiffany was better than a Disney princess! Her voice is beautiful and she was a pure bright light. She even came with the support of her husband and watching them perform together was amazing.”

— Karen Miller, mom of two

Teaching kids about TRUE royalty

Why just order a typical Disney princess or a generic princess, when you can order a princess who leads kids in worship and teaches them about the positive character traits of a true princess? 

Being a princess isn't just about wearing a tiara or having fancy things. A true princess is noble and looks out for the people of her land. A princess is kind, shining with beauty from within.

Most importantly, a princess in God’s Kingdom is a worshipper of Jesus Christ!


Princess Worship parties may include:

  • Live music, with teaching of actions so kids can sing and dance along 💃

  • Professional photos of your party, including candids, family portraits and any group shots 📸 

  • Royal-themed decor ✨

  • Dramatic telling of Bible stories and character-building tales with positive messages  💝

  • Short teaching on our identity in Christ ✝️

  • Coronation of the birthday girl and her friends (but the birthday girl gets to go first!) 👑

  • Prayer over the birthday girl and other participants 🕊


🎀 🎀 🎀 🎀


Text or email “Princess Worship” to 785-317-4165 or to, or call us at that number, for more info or to book a praise-filled princess for your own Princess Worship party!​​


Tiffany is such a good example of being a daughter of the King, and she brings that pure joy. I’ve been to parties before where you see a Disney princess or a Sesame Street character, and they do their job and tell a story, but it’s not from their heart; it’s not from their spirit; it’s not from the pure foundation of joy that the Lord brings. 


Screen Shot 2022-06-08 at 2.46.09 PM.jpg

With Princess Worship, it’s a whole new level. This is what families need. Not just kids but also families need to know their identity, to cut through the confusion in the world and walk confidently in who they are in Christ. I’m thankful for what Moose & Squirrel Media is doing because it’s such a needed blessing for families.


These parties help girls understand their true identities in Christ — not just for the birthday girl but also for her friends, which is important because we know that friends can influence us in a good way or in a different way, but with this, everyone is growing together in unity and staying strong in the Lord. It not only blessed us but also the other girls and their families who came to the party.

So, you need to do it at least once in your’ daughter’s birthday flow. Get your Princess Worship party. Princess Worship — I’m all about it.”

Dehlia Ford-Feliz

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