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Moose & Squirrel LIVE

Helping kids grow
in character and faith

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Moose & Squirrel LIVE uses exciting music and engaging performances to deliver the message of children's and youth's identity as worshippers of Jesus Christ. Moose & Squirrel LIVE also emphasizes making good choices based on Godly character and Biblical values. Founding members of Moose & Squirrel Live, Anthony & Tiffany Salerno, have performed for thousands of children and teens over more than a decade at school assemblies, youth camps, church programs, outreach events and more.

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Moose & Squirrel LIVE's performances strongly coordinate with Moose & Squirrel Media's I Am a Worshipper music album, which is unique because it is original worship music designed for children, rather than old songs made new or adult songs "dumbed down." Parents have said that the songs on I Am a Worshipper helped their children sleep better at night, have a better attitude during the day, and participate in worship at church more wholeheartedly. The songs have been played on the radio and performed live in multiple states and even abroad in Haiti, and Tiffany sang the #1 track, "Stars and Dots," on a digital talk show filmed on the Warner Bros lot. May every child know that their true identity is to be a worshipper of Jesus Christ!

For older kids ages 12 and up, Moose & Squirrel LIVE extends their short interactive messages to longer preaching sessions (if desired), with strong emphases on being passionate about and used by God powerfully from an early age, recognizing the sacredness of God's holy laws, the transformational power of God in our hearts, choosing love over selfishness, and more. Messages for these older kids, tweens and teens correspond to Life in Christ, [describe].

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