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ABC's of Character Book

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Kids and parents will love this beautifully, and sometimes humorously, illustrated book. 26 amusing stories and 26 clever poems with a character twist will delight children as they journey through the alphabet. Parents can help children think about timeless values such as kindness, respect, and honesty with simple questions after each story.

Definitions of all character traits have been carefully researched from the Webster’s 1828 Dictionary to give the original meanings, making this a unique, 1-of-a-kind book.

A must-have for every family! A must-have for every kid!


Created by award-winning children's content producer Tony Salerno.

Praise for other works by Tony Salerno

“We’ve seen approximately 75% improvement in students exhibiting positive behavior after they have been instructed in the Character Classics.”

— Dr. Mary Martinez, principal in Glendora, CA

“When I was a kid, our family played this recording (Bullfrogs & Butterflies) so much that the tape broke. My kids are enjoying these songs just as much as I did. It is upbeat, positive, and just plain fun!”

— Heather Cotsworth, mother in Austin, Texas

“When we invite kids back to talk with them after they graduate from our school, they always refer to the music — they never forget the words!”

— Dr. Gene Bedley, CEO of the National Character Education Center, a PTA National Educator of the Year, principal and teacher

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