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"ABC's of Character" Full Kit Bundle

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A Fun, Educational Program that Helps Build Young Lives for Bright Futures

What makes ABC's of Character unique is that it does not simply encourage kids to *do* good, but to *be* good; rather than emphasizing making good choices, it encourages being the kind of person who makes good choices.

This bundle includes:

  • The ABC's of Character Book
  • The ABC's of Character Music CD's
  • The ABC's of Character Daily Guide.

The guide is designed to give kids a quick, 5-10 minute Character Boost™ each day. There are five separate lessons for each of the 26 character traits — that’s enough to do one lesson a day for the entire school year! This book contains fun-filled activities, games and puzzles that help build good kids.

Entertaining and enriching for all ages

ABC’s of Character is designed for everyone, from children in their formative years of character building, to grandparents who are continuing to strengthen their character.

This book will benefit children who are in the infancy stages of learning concepts and older children who are beginning to understand and develop character. Everyone, from young adults who need direction in life decisions, to parents and grandparents who are looking for a reference tool, will treasure this book the rest of their lives.


ABC's of Character was developed by HoneyCreek Kids, founded by Tony & Kathy Salerno, who have produced a variety of award-winning products for children, starting with their platinum album, Music Machine, in 1977. Anthony Salerno, co-founder of Moose & Squirrel Media, composed, arranged, recorded, mixed and mastered the songs on the ABC's of Character CD.

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