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A year later, and I’m still admiring my engagement ring

In college, shortly after I got baptized and got serious (and wisely crazy) about Jesus, I started having a lot of insights about my future, especially my future marriage.

I told my mom during that time and I didn’t want a diamond ring when I got married. Instead, I wanted a precious stone, like maybe an emerald, and or pearls. And I definitely want to gold. She lightly chastised me, saying, “You don’t want that! You’d want a diamond ring!” But I disagreed.

Fast forward about 10 years...

Anthony Salerno proposed to me with a GOLD ring with an EMERALD in the center, surrounded by ten PEARLS. It was everything I wanted, and I hadn’t even told him. In fact, it was an HEIRLOOM from his grandparents!

If we walk with the Lord, He truly does give us the desires of our hearts (Psalm 37:4).

PS — Our housemate commented today that this color of nail polish goes well with my skin. True story: Shortly before my wedding, I had a vision of myself dancing with Jesus in a clearing by the forest, and my nails were this color. So this is truly, officially, spiritually my COLOR.

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