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Captivated by the Bible as a Young Teen | Grandmas for God

Have you ever experienced the Bible coming alive to you?

“I never knew the Bible was so interesting.”

That’s from Grandmas for God member Kris Roney — when she was a young teen!

Here at Grandmas for God (this video clip is from one of our group calls) we aim to let the Word of God revive us personally and then — for those who have grandkids — to share it with them as well. And one of the most powerful ways to share His Word is through our testimony!

“Let each generation tell its children of Your mighty acts; let them proclaim Your power.” — Psalm 145:4

Here, Kris (also known as my mom) shares when, as a young teen, she fell in love with the Bible. It was a paperback written in an easy-to-understand translation, and it captivated her heart like never before.

In the same way, there is hope for youth today; it’s found in the Word of God.

All women are invited to join us for our next Grandmas for God call on Feb. 15, where a Bible teacher, published author, and former Hollywood actress who co-starred in a Pureflix film will share a devotional on the Bride of Christ.

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