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Cassidys in Tees

Thank you to Christi and Connor Cassidy for sending us these photos for Tiffany’s birthday! The Cassidys often wear their “I Am a Worshipper” shirts but they hadn’t taken photo together in them — until now.

A few fun facts about Christi and Connor:

1. They are expecting a baby boy, due Oct. 31, which is Reformation Day — the anniversary of the day Martin Luther stunned the world by nailing to a church door a document of 95 statements protesting how the Catholic Church was operating in corruption and being run by the government. His document transformed the broader church of the western world forever. Maybe their son will also be a vessel of God’s transformation and purification and call people to return to the truth of the Word of God! (Whatever he does, we’re sure he’ll be amazing.)

2. Christi is a singer and recording artist with songs on iTunes, Spotify and YouTube. Also, her voice has been heard on more than 350 mini-tracks and jingles on TV show intros, outros and more. You can check out her music page Christi Given.

3. Connor has shared his testimony of coming out of addiction into full faith in Jesus, on The Lindell Recovery Network. He is a gourmet chef and caterer, serving luxury baby and bridal showers, corporate retreats, and other special events. He was even featured on a TV show! More info:

4. Speaking of food — they enjoy avocado egg rolls from The Cheesecake Factory as much as we do! Who else feels like they could practically go to that restaurant JUST for those!? Thank you to Christi and Connor for taking Tiffany there for her birthday last week!

5. Most importantly, the Cassidys are a couple who pray and worship together and keep Christ at the center of their lives and their marriage. When they go through trials or don’t know what to do, they seek God and submit to Him. They have so many stories of His faithfulness! 🌈 🌈

Co-create with God and build your own testimonies of His faithfulness by turning to Him, walking in His ways, and asking Him to purify your heart.

We all need to regularly check our hearts before the Lord and receive cleansing for any thoughts, attitudes, feelings or desires that are not of Him. He replaces it with more of Himself,

which is all we’ve ever needed.
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