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Holding Nothing Back

So glad I re-found this song, “Holding Nothing Back” by Ryan Stevenson! I wish I had been listening to it during times when I was not trusting God and holding onto what I wanted (which it turns out, HE wanted to give me, along with special things I didn’t even think of — but just in HIS way, without me trying to be in control).

Sometimes, we allow idols to come between us and God, but this song says,

“Jesus, I don’t want ANYTHING coming in between You and me.”

Sometimes, when we’re caught in a spiritual battle, or a place the Bible calls a “valley of decision,” we may be afraid of what we’re gonna lose if we give up what we’re going after, but when He is truly our ultimate priority, like this song says, “It doesn’t really matter what I lose.”

(Plus, He always either gives it back to us or gives us something better!).

When you’re willing to lose everything, then you’re REALLY ready for GOD to work in your life. Like the tax collector who announced he would give half his goods to the poor and pay back what he stole 4 times!

He didn’t care about all of that anymore. He just cared about following Jesus.

If you feel you want to reignite your passion for the Lord and really be on FIRE for Him (again or for the first time), I would encourage you to sing along with this song.

And when it says, “I’m broken,” don’t just think about it as being emotionally hurt or wounded but about having your PRIDE broken, where you no longer want to do things YOUR way and have what YOU want, but you surrender to GOD — to let Him have HIS way and do what HE wants, even regarding the things that are most precious and important and dear to your heart.

We can trust Him — and I’m preaching to myself! — because He is so loving, so wise, and so powerful. That place of trust is the place of true freedom, where you’re truly, finally

walking on water.

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