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March 3 — Amos 3:3 — Walk with Me

Updated: Apr 8

Such a simple snap from my birthday in August. I didn’t even know it was being taken. Anthony was leading me to our next spot for taking intentional photos when Kathy snapped this one undercover. 🤫😉🕵️‍♀️😎

Sometimes, independent women (as I formerly tried to be) don’t want to let a man lead, but when the Lord puts you together, then really,

you’re trusting the LORD by trusting your husband.

As I learned in Tim & Li Mei Glover’s marriage class, there are two situations in which wives do not have to obey their husbands: 

  1. If it would cause the wife to sin, and 

  2. If it would cause harm to the wife. 

Otherwise, if it’s just that we prefer a different way, then submission is actually the wisest and most peaceful path. 

In fact, a lot of times I can struggle with being indecisive and uncertain, so when Anthony makes the decision for me and I get to say yes because he’s my husband, I feel relieved and happy!

It reminds me of something I read once where a little girl was saying she was sure glad she didn’t have to be a grown-up because she didn’t have the pressure of making all the decisions.

In that way, being a wife is kind of like being a kid again!

Anthony actually is a really good leader. He’s strategic, he’s an excellent negotiator, he knows how to talk money and deals, he administrates tasks to help us get as much as possible accomplished at one place at one time, and he values people — prioritizing even those society might dismiss, with a strong sense of loyalty. He values what is unseen over externals. And most importantly, when God is very clear with him on what he is supposed to do, Anthony is consistently obedient, no matter the cost.

That’s what I admire the most.

So I’ll follow this man whenever he leads. “I’m following the leader, wherever he may go.”

After all, “How can two walk together, lest they be agreed?” (Amos 3:3). 

May husbands and wives walk in agreement with each other as much as possible — and with JESUS most of all.

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