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Life in Christ: A Manual for Disciples

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Too much of what is written today for new Christians is shallow and incomplete. It often lacks spiritual authority and depth. Not so with Life in Christ: A Manual for Disciples. Within the pages of this book, you will discover what it really means to be a true believer.

We have heard from many people that this book changed their life. Over 70,000 copies sold!


You will learn about the loving terms of discipleship such as obedience, restitution, absolute surrender and service to mankind. You will also learn who God is, how deeply He loves and how He responds to all we experience. There are important lessons on prayer, bible study, the Holy Spirit, temptation and fellowship with other believers; also, how to share your faith.

Life In Christ: A Manual For Disciples is not meant to be skimmed through, it’s meant to be studied. Your spiritual growth is at stake. Read one chapter at a time and pray that the Holy Spirit will give you understanding of all you read. Satan can never rob you of truth that is fully understood. Obey the Word as it comes to you. For example, when reading about restitution – do it! Prayer – do it! Forgiveness – do it!

This could be one of the most important books you have ever had the opportunity to study.


Life in Christ is perfect for individual use or as a gift. 🎁


Five-star reviews

"Great for believers at any level! A great workbook to grow one's knowledge of and growth in Christ with beautiful prints and artwork throughout the book."

— Elona, USA

"Love it. I was looking for another text book to study the Bible. This was exactly what I was needing to continue in my learning of the gospel."

— Charlene Shomake

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