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ABC Bakersfield: 'Music duo spreads positivity and supports foster children'

Sometimes, when you sow into a city, God blesses you by putting you on the news!

Thank you to Kallyn Hobmann and ABC Bakersfield for this feature about our efforts to bring light and love to Bakersfield!

We just love the way Bakersfield residents come together to praise God with all of their hearts, and we believe that Bakersfield is just the kind of place where revival can spread.

This “Kern’s Kindness” from ABC 23 shows:

• an interview in our music studio, Temple Ink;

• footage of us leading worship at Canyon Hills’ Soar Camp; and

• a video clip from a Music Tuesday we coordinated with Real Life Church in Bakersfield.

The accompanying article encourages donations to our foster care nonprofit, Forever Kids, with a link to the website.

We are grateful that since the article was posted, we have already received one $100 donation! Forever Kids welcomes gifts of any amount, large or small. These donations go toward classy suitcases for foster children (since they are normally given only a trash bag in which to stash their stuff before their sudden moves).

The suitcases help provide these kids, who often don’t feel very special, with a sense of value and self-esteem. And each suitcase includes a book and CD about foundational values, to help set the kids on a path of making right choices.

To support Forever Kids, click here, and click here to book us to lead worship, speak or perform songs at your church, school or program.

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