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Answered Prayer — Latino Leaders

Recently, I was thinking about the testimony of someone who shared that they were amazed at who God let them work with on a project. It was someone who they respected and thought was out of their league in terms of collaborators. But, in the course of following Jesus, the person actually did get to work with the individual they looked up to. God amazed them and made it happen!

I asked God if He would do that for me.

Within the next half hour, I happened to be flipping through this previous issue of Charisma magazine and — lo and behold — among the accolades of Rev. Samuel Rodriguez, who served as an evangelical advisor for U.S. Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama and Donald Trump, it says that he was named one of the “101 Most Influential Leaders” two years in a row by Latino Leaders Magazine. I used to work for Latino Leaders magazine!

To have a magazine for which I wrote be listed among Rodriguez’ accolades in Charisma is an honor. It amazed me!

(And since then, I have had another similar experience in another edition of Charisma, which I will share at a later date.)

I would encourage you to ask God to show you His wonders in your life.

He wants to wow and amaze you. Not so that you get puffed up and prideful but so that you can give Him all the glory. He likes when we are humble enough to realize that we could not have done certain things on our own but only through Christ.

I know I would have never worked for Latino Leaders if it weren’t for God sending Joseph Trevino, former journalist for the Los Angeles Times, to work in my little hometown of Abilene, Kansas. Joseph loved Abilene and was excited to move there because he has always been a fan of old western novels! (Many westerns include Abilene as an important stop on the cattle trail.) Also, Abilene is the hometown of President Dwight D. Eisenhower, and it is the hometown of C.L. Brown, who started the small phone company that became the nationwide telecommunications corporation now known as Sprint. Joseph inspired and encouraged me, and he served as another sign on my path from Kansas to California.

Who in your life has God sent to you to be a destiny helper? Honor those people whenever you can. And, most importantly, honor the God who put them there. He will never cease to amaze us.

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