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Birthday Beneath the Stars

God gave me a meteor shower for my birthday.

I wasn’t sure if I would like the desert so I was a little nervous about going there for my birthday. Anthony insisted it would be the best place to view the shooting stars, and he has always loved camping in the desert, but to me, the desert was always a place you drive THROUGH, not a place you go TO on purpose.

But I actually ended up really liking it!

Anthony’s spot where he took us is in a valley surrounded by hills, and at night, the view of the stars is SO CLEAR! Plus, the nighttime desert is bug- and snake-free, so we literally camped out UNDER THE STARS — no tent needed.

One of my other concerns was lack of people. The morning of my birthday, I only had two confirmed attendees, which would have made four total including Anthony and me, but that still didn’t sound to me like much of a party. However, we actually ended up with 11 of us!

Who knew so many people would be willing to drive out to the desert for a short-notice, midweek campout!?

A few highlights included:

  • Little Abby Linares (age 5, from Radiance International) sang spontaneous worship music with Anthony’s best friend, Tim, accompanying on guitar.

  • We got some great video clips of Abby and I dancing in princess dresses in the desert, to my song (inspired by her), “I Am a Worshipper.”

  • I wanted fried chicken at my party but was uncertain how to do it because I had never made it before (not in a kitchen, let alone in a desert!) but we made it from scratch and cooked it over the fire and it was so good! I now recommend campfire fried chicken to anyone who likes both chicken and camping, and I’d be glad to provide tips to anyone who’s interested!

Most importantly, I feel I came back with renewed vision about what is most important in life and what actually doesn’t matter. Sometimes the world can put our focus on what is meaningless, but we can realize that and recalibrate when we get away from it all!

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