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Born To be Champions

Today, I completed my first gym workout of the year! 😃 And the shirt I wore reminded me of another valuable FIRST. 👕

I especially enjoyed using the rowing machine – it’s always been one of my favorites! I feel so energized on there, and it’s a great way for me to exercise my body while letting my mind roam free and dream and come up with all kinds of ideas, especially for kids’ ministry in 2023! 💡

I think it’s fitting that I wore my Champ Camp shirt today. Not only does it have a picture of a person working out 💪, but it was the first summer camp I served at where I wrote the theme song and got to perform it and lead it for the kids! 🙌

At Champ Camp (held in Manhattan, Kansas, in 2017, under the leadership of Bluemont Church), we taught the children that they become champions by surrendering to Jesus and living for God.

Spiritually, we find strength as we grow in Christ through reading the Bible, praying, and putting God in charge of our lives, just as physically, we get stronger through working out. 🏋️‍♀️

When I was presented with the opportunity of serving at Champ Camp, I had many other possibilities and ideas and opportunities set before me, but Champ Camp was the one thing that I felt an absolute “yes” on from the Lord. 👍

Looking back, I see how it was the first installment of many things I do in this season that I believe I was destined and created for! 🌱

Now, I am grateful to get to write and lead songs for larger summer camps on a broader level with Anthony and see him preach the Word to the kids from his heart. Together, we have written and lead songs for camps and VBS’s at small and large churches in southern and south-central California, and we even wrote the theme song for a Jewish art camp in the UK! And we are believing for many more camps, VBS and events for children and teens in 2023.

But my first camp to write and lead for (not to just volunteer at but to contribute to the creative programming) was when I said yes to my small church’s one-week day camp! I thoroughly enjoyed serving there, and I was so grateful that Jonathan Hupp, Katie Palani and Rob took a chance on me — Long before I met my lifelong teammate who would help take it all to the next level. 💍

It’s so important to say yes to the things you sense God guiding you toward. 🏹 It may look small and unimportant at first, but if you’re faithful, the Lord can expand it beyond where you ever imagined. 🌈

So, say yes to Jesus,

be a champion for him,

and don’t despise the day of small beginnings

(Zechariah 4:10). 🌱➡️🌳

What are your goals and hopes for 2023?

PS — Did you know that a “champion” is not just a conqueror or an overcomer but also an advocate? Let’s advocate for Jesus and His truth in all aspects of society. He is our Ultimate Champion Hero, but also we can champion Him by proclaiming His good news. ✝️

It really, really *is* GOOD news. 🕊

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