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Celebrating unity at the Red Letter Awards

Ahh, y’all caught me playing my invisible high-top piano again.

Actually, this may have been a moment when I talked about unfurling the carpet of faith — or, who knows. Good thing I married into an Italian family where people talk with their hands!

More importantly, it was an honor for Anthony Salerno and me to play music at such a special diversity-focused Christian event. We got to meet some amazing talented people and hear a great story from Red Letter Awards founder Carla Jackson about defying division and choosing to come together in love, under Christ.

Anthony and I performed our original song, “Never Gonna Run Dry,” which we plan to release on our forthcoming worship album for adults.

Circling back to the mission of the Red Letter Awards, I would encourage you to do your best to find common ground with other believers. Regardless of your denomination or ethnicity, if you believe in the Red Letters (what Jesus said in the Bible), then this is the time for unity. Let’s come together and shine.

(And if you haven’t yet given yourself to Jesus, do so today! He invites you to live in His light.)


You can learn more about the Red Letter Awards in my precede article for the Holywood Network.

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