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Happy 2/22/22!

May this be a day that you partner with God to close doors that need to be closed and receive open doors that need to be open! Also, use wisdom to prepare and practice for the open doors you are believing for. And do your best to steward the open doors you’ve already been given! When we’re faithful with little, God can give us more (Luke 16:10, which, I discovered after writing this, is actually the YouVersionsion Bible app verse of the day!).

Open doors may lead to new levels of influence but also responsibility. A promotion is to be celebrated but it also usually means more work! (Ha — just as I was writing that, I unintentionally overheard our housemate say in an unrelated phone conversation, “higher-level stuff!” )

Seek the Lord on what doors He may want to open and close in your life.

In contrast to this reel audio, “Love Is an Open Door” by Kristen Bell and Santino Fontana, sometimes love from God actually looks like a closed door. If someone closes the door to you, don’t get offended but rather trust that God has a better open door for you! See His love in every open *and* closed door and trust that if you’re willing to submit, He will be faithful to guide your path.

Bible verse & key graphic credit: Zazzle And thank you to Elizabeth Leigh for releasing a prophetic word over me this morning about Isaiah 22:22 today on 2/22/22.

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