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Happy Birthday to Dehlia Ford-Feliz

It is so fitting that Dehlia's last name includes "Feliz" because she is such a happy person who brings happiness to others. Her happiness is not based on temporary circumstances but on a deep love for God — and an acknowledgment that the life He gives is meant to be celebrated.

A Bible verse that makes me think of Dehlia: "he who is of a merry heart has a continual feast (Proverbs 15:15).

Beyond the genuine joy she brings to the world, Dehlia is such a gift because of her heart for kids — not only her own kids but all the children whose lives she touches. Dehlia not only wants kids to be happy and feel loved but, most importantly, to KNOW GOD.

That's why Dehlia has been hosting Backyard Praise Parties at her home, where Anthony and I lead worship and share short messages to help kids start to know God from an early age and get excited about who He is.

Not every family would want to open their backyard several times a year to other families and bring in a band to lead children in worship, but Dehlia and her husband, Graeham Ford-Feliz, along with their parents (it's a multi-generational household) see it as a priority.

Thank you, Dehlia, for the gift you are to the world. May you feel so very celebrated today.

Our Heavenly Father rejoices over you.

Four fun facts about Dehlia:

1. Dehlia is a former pro tennis player.

2. Dehlia and her husband were featured on a reality TV show that covered and helped fund their wedding!

3. Dehlia is a sports YouTuber who is a huge fan of the Philadelphia Eagles. If you’re into faith and football, find her on YouTube as “PhilaDehlia.”

4. Dehlia did not always have God at the center of her life, but a few years ago, the Lord opened her eyes and helped her rearrange her priorities. Now, her parenting, party-hosting, YouTube channel and entire life have shifted to make Jesus #1 in all she does.

Praise the Lord for Godly mamas like Dehlia who raise their kids in Christ and step out in faith to live out their callings while keeping Jesus first, marriage second, kids fourth, and other ministries (YouTube, etc.) as a bonus.

When Christ is the center and everything else is in its proper place, our lives can truly glorify God.
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