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"I AM A WORSHIPPER" T-shirts — First shipment has arrived

The world may try to place all kinds of labels on us, and in a world of hashtags and elevator speeches, many of us (especially in big cities like Los Angeles) are quick to label ourselves — or to struggle with impostor syndrome, not knowing if we are worthy of the labels we’d like to use.

Jesus solves all that because He identifies who we are.

“He is our God, and we are the people of His pasture, the flock under His care” (Psalm 95:7).

Because He is a shepherd, we are His sheep. And because He is an awesome God who is worthy of our worship, we are worshippers.

In honor of that truth, and in alignment with our recently released children’s album, “I Am a Worshipper,” we present to you: the “I AM A WORSHIPPER” T-shirts!

As you can see, the shirts say, “I AM A WORSHIPPER.” They are available in both youth and adult sizes, so kids, parents and people of all ages can rep their identity in Christ.

The white, 100-percent cotton shirts are available with black or hot pink print. The on-trend font is reminiscent of 90s style with vaporwave vibes that are both retro and fresh.

More important than the style, the message is clear: no matter what labels the world may try to place on us, the core of who we are is based on who God is.

And because of who He is, we worship Him.

Buy the shirts for yourself, for your kids or grandkids, or for any kids you may know. Snag a set for the whole family, Sunday school class or children’s ministry.

Rise up into your true identity. You were created to be a worshipper.


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I can't wait to get one and wear it!

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