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Updated: Jan 14, 2021

Looking back can be revealing, simple, sad, hopeful, dreamy, sentimental, and beautiful. It need not only tie us to the past; it can also launch us into the future.

If hindsight’s 2020, then this is the perfect year for Jen Lilley’s newest project — her music album, “Hindsight.” The 60s style collection features brand new songs with a retro sound and Lilley’s sultry vocals.

For this project, Lilley partnered with renowned producer Adrian Gurvitz and songwriting greats Diane Warren, Lauren Christy and Gurvitz, to write and produce original songs influenced by Amy Winehouse, Duffy, The Ronnettes and Dusty Springfield, as well as motown sensations like The Temptations and The Supremes. Her album also features the work of Rosie Danvers’ 50-piece orchestra and skilled musicians including Eric Wortham and Peter Randall.

Along with reviving oldies’ styles with fresh lyrics and original tunes, Lilley’s album does something that’s truly meaningful: it benefits children in foster care.

One hundred percent of the net profit goes to foster kids and other vulnerable children through charities that use at least 86 percent of their funds directly for children in need, rather than for overhead or other costs.

“From the moment I wake up in the morning until my head hits the pillow each night, I’m driven with the need to help the forgotten and overlooked children of our nation,” Lilley said. “The only thing that comforts me when I feel overwhelmed by the amount of help they need is knowing and trusting that God loves them more than I do, and I’m not fighting for them alone.

“I have an ocean of supporters listening to my music and praying for the mission.”

Though the purpose behind the album may be heavy, the music itself ranges from light and fun to moody and wistful as it explores themes of love and loss with soulful, funky melodies that remind seasoned generations of younger days, while giving people of all ages something fun to dance to.

“I love 60s jams; that era of music is just so happy to me,” Lilley said. “I like music with soul and strength and vulnerability. I want to write and sing songs that touch people’s hearts and souls.”

For anyone who relates with the quote on Jen Lilley’s sweatshirt, “I just want to listen to music and change the world,” now is the time. Don’t wait for hindsight to realize you should’ve bought the album, because it’s 2020 now and her album is available wherever music is streamed or sold.

In addition to her music, Lilley is known for starring in many Hallmark Channel movies and, previously, in Days of Our Lives.

Lilley's album art for "Hindsight" conveys both lighthearted fun and deep longing, all wrapped in a retro vibe.

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