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Jesus Revolution

I cried. Screamed. Held my husband tight. 🫂

Wanted to get baptized again. 💦

I was touched. Inspired. Convicted. 🔥

I definitely recommend! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thank you to Cherie Noel Murdock Condon for making this date possible, and thank you to Tony & Kathy Salerno and Matt Walsh & Cindy Heid for gathering a group of us to sit together… A group only made possible because of Tony & Kathy's passion for saving and discipling young adults and people of all ages.

Tony & Kathy were little-known movers and shakers during the same era as the "Jesus People" movement portrayed in the film, running in concurrent streams to those depicted in the movie. It’s like “if you know, you know” — those who know them know what a huge impact they had and how they brought hippies into their home off the street (to live with them in their house!) after leading them to salvation, so that they could guide them through the process of discipleship.

Though Tony & Kathy mostly flew under the radar in terms of news coverage, their impact was and is powerful and far-reaching! They continue to reach many for Christ in their undeniably growing group, Discipleship Now, in north Orange County.

If the movie “Jesus Revolution” excites you and you want to be part of such a life-changing revolution with eternal implications, I would encourage you to get involved with a Bible-based, transformation-focused group like Tony & Kathy’s, where participants are challenged and supported to live and love like Jesus.

As I’ve heard it said, “You want to start revival? Obey God.”
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