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Just Call Jesus

If you’re looking for a good word, the number one person to call isn’t a contact in your phone; it’s Jesus! Look up to Him. Cry out to Him.

Pour over His Word — pour yourself upon Him.

“Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us” (Psalm 62:8).

When we are weary, His Word is what lifts us up. "I am down in the dust; revive me by Your Word" (Psalm 119:25).

I am grateful that He gives us other people to call as well — and He even commands us to confess our sins to each other and pray for one another that we might be healed (James 5:16) — but there is only one Person who is our number-one Lifeline; only one Name to call upon that we shall be saved: the Lord Jesus Christ.

(Image is from the cover of this year’s Chala Handbags catalog).


One time, back in my single days, I was feeling insecure about my looks. While driving in Los Angeles (a very vanity-focused city), I was battling the lie in my head that I would have to act seductive (even though I claim to not believe in that) in order to really be romantically loved by a man because I wasn't one of "those girls" who was beautiful enough to just behave purely and be seen as attractive.

I thought about calling a guy who I felt kind of liked me because I thought that might make me feel beautiful, but I felt convicted that that wasn't the right way to go. I told myself,

"I'm not gonna call (that guy); I'm gonna call Jesus!"

I went home and sat down to "call Jesus" (aka *pray*) and saw that one of my prayer warrior girl friends had sent me a link, along with a text — something like,

"This is from Jesus to you."

I clicked the link and — I can't make this stuff up! — it was the song,

"You Don't Know You're Beautiful." (!!!)

Can you believe it!? Jesus knew about my insecurities, He cared, and He responded with His Word to me (through a secular song, of all things) by prompting my prayerful friend, right at that moment, to send me the song — from Him to me.

I'm serious, y'all. Whatever you're dealing with,

just call Jesus.

He deeply cares. And He never fails.

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