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Lacey Sturm: Longevity and Excellence in Christian Punk Rock

After discovering Flyleaf as a teen and immediately being drawn to Lacey (then Mosley) Sturm’s thrashing punk rock vibe, which transcends secular music by shining with the light of Christ, it was a privilege to see Mrs. Lacey Sturm perform live last night at The Whosoevers' concert, film premier and cookout event in Diamond Bar, CA.

Anthony and I on the red carpet by the step and repeat at the event.

Anthony won The Whoseovers hat I'm wearing in the product giveaway!

Prior to the concert, The Whosoevers, for which Lacey is an ambassador, showed their documentary, “Unbelievable.” The best part of the movie: seeing people get healed in real time, from real physical ailments. Additionally, I enjoyed hearing about how God spoke to the leader, Ryan Ries, with critical words of knowledge for helping troubled teens come to salvation. Click here to watch the full documentary.

As described by Trevor Tyson, founder and chief strategist of Transparent Media Co, who my husband and I met at the event, Lacey Sturm is a “Grammy-nominated powerhouse vocalist, Flyleaf frontwoman, and the first independent female to top the Billboard hard rock charts.”

Trevor Tyson interviews Lacey Sturm via video call. Shown on bottom left: Korey Cooper of Skillet, repping a Lacey Sturm tee.

Both in her music videos — including the particularly memorable “All Around Me” and many others — and in her live performances, Sturm is one of the most magnetic musical performers I have ever seen. When she spins, it is so delightful, in a punk rock princess kind of way. And when she shakes her hand next to her face as she screams, I am captivated by her confidence.

Screenshot from "All Around Me" by Flyleaf.

Even my husband, Anthony Salerno, a professional musician and producer who has toured in rock bands, played shows with some of Flyleaf's peers, and is not impressed by much, said Lacey Sturm is excellent.

Photo credit: Shots by Salernos

(Anthony and I shared in taking photos.)

Most importantly, Lacey carries a passion for Christ that is evident in a truly inside-out, genuine kind of way. Her faith is so authentic that YouTube commenters who make it clear that they are not Christians still say they can see that she means what she’s singing and that she truly feels her message from the depths of her being.

Photo credit: Shots by Salernos

(Anthony and I shared in taking photos.)

Lacey made it clear why she is thoroughly sold out — not a sellout but sold out to Christ — when she shared her testimony on stage last night. At age 16, she was in such a dark place that she decided to commit suicide.

Photo credit: Shots by Salernos

(Anthony and I shared in taking photos.)

Lacey was living with her grandma at the time, after getting kicked out of her own house where she had lived with her mom and five siblings. On the day Lacey planned to end her life, her grandma recognized something wasn’t right with her and forced her to go to church.

Lacey sat there angry at everyone, especially the preacher, who stopped his message with a word from the Lord that someone in the building was under a spirit of suicide, but God had a plan for that person’s life. The preacher called that person to come forward. Lacey thought it was creepy that someone up front was able to speak out all her thoughts, and she had no desire to participate in church. Thus, she stayed in her seat.

When she tried to leave at the end (since she couldn’t leave any sooner because her grandma had parked right outside the front and would just call the cops or send her back inside), Lacey was met at the door by an older man with white hair who looked at her with eyes of pure love, like she’d never seen before.

He told her that God had instructed him to speak to her. He told her that God saw her cry herself to sleep at night and that God would be the dad to her that she needed. She sloughed him off, saying she didn’t need a dad. The man told her that God was telling him that she was carrying a lot of sadness and pain, both from her own sins and from others’ sins against her, and that God wanted to take that away.

In a moment of logic, Lacey agreed that she was carrying a lot of sadness and pain and that it would be nice to have it be gone.

The man prayed for her, and God met her in that moment.

God showed her Himself, and He showed her herself — how her whole life had been selfishness, and even the people she thought she loved, how her “love” for them was only selfish and conditional. She saw a review of her life choices flash before her eyes, including the first time she said she didn’t believe in God and how it negatively impacted a young boy to whom she made that declaration. She saw all she had done wrong. Formerly an atheist, she now recognized that God was real and He was holy, and she deserved judgement. However, He did not condemn her but showed her love and invited her to new life.

It is because of this life-changing encounter, plus all the ways God has continued to meet Lacey throughout her life, that she sings for Him with such passion.

Photo credit: Shots by Salernos

(Anthony and I shared in taking photos.)

As “Alex b,” a self-described pagan, commented on one of her videos, “She really is singing with her whole soul. It’s amazing.”

That it is. Yes it is.


If you are tempted with thoughts of suicide, or if you simply don’t feel fully alive, like you are really living the life you were meant for, tell Jesus! Offer your life to Him, and He will use it for good and for His glory. Ask Him to help you empty yourself of selfishness and to fill you with His Holy Spirit. He will deliver you from oppression, depression and any kind of second-rate existence, and He will guide you into abundant life.

“The thief (the devil) comes only to steal, kill and destroy. But I have come that they (that you!) may have and enjoy life, and have it abundantly, to the full, till it overflows.” — Jesus in John 10:10
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