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When’s the last time you went on an adventure? When’s the last time you explored something new?

If we surrender to God, seek Him and stay submitted, He will guide and direct our paths — even if we think we’re journeying to a destination unknown.

The expeditions we embark on that require the most faith, tend to be the most rewarding. And the payoff isn’t just in the end — it’s also in the little moments we experience along the way (and potentially capture on camera, if you enjoy photography too!). 📷

If you want some nice bags for the road, might I recommend Chala Handbags. Their clutches, purses and totes come in multiple sizes, whether you want to travel light with just your phone and a couple essentials or if you prefer to come prepared with everything but the kitchen sink (hey, you never know when that extra pair of tweezers will come in handy!).

The company was started by a pair of best friends — a graphic designer and a business boss. Together, these women have built something that brings joy to people, with designs that bring a ray of light even in difficult times.

Their styles are refreshingly lively, with a bright and wholesome feel. ChaLa bags sport a variety of whimsical pictures, from adorable animals to fetching flowers to crosses and faith designs. I always love working with their team, especially when I get to pray for @GiniaChoy and she invites me to share about Christ with others. Plus, I enjoy using the purses! Check out their website to browse their delightful designs, including new convertible backpack purses and other fresh styles for 2022.

Most importantly, let Jesus be your adventure guide. He will lead you places you could not stand on your own so that you learn to rely on Him, and He will oust you from your comfort zone so you can taste His glory.

May we walk with Him so closely that we can pray from the heart, "You hem me in behind and before; You have laid Your hand upon me” (Psalm 139:5).



🎬 Merve Tekin of 7 Hills Productions

✌️ God for keeping His Word that when we set our minds on Him, He gives us the gift of His peace. I thought about the Lord as I leaned back in the grass (when I wasn't wondering how long they wanted me to hold that position 😊), as you can see in the final shot. My direction was to “meditate,” and there's nothing better on which to meditate than Jesus and His Word! 🕊


For those who are in seasons that feel more sour than sweet, I would like to acknowledge that there are times when things can seem dark and scary and sad. Unlike the "sweet melody" this song speaks of , some trials and traumas, frustrations and fears, can feel so dissonant, with no hope of resolution.

As we look through the Word, which is the lens through which we ought to aim to view all of life, we see that not every day or season is a sweet melody. Sometimes, it is a mournful dirge or wailing lament; other times it’s a loud, joyful victorious song of praise!

But God is with us every step of the way.

Let Him take your hand! When we give it all to Him, He can bring beauty out of ashes. Though we may encounter twists and turns moving forward — and at times it can feel precarious! — He will gladly bring unexpected goodness for those who believe. He is a Master at happy endings.


PS — Though Anthony is not physically in this video, can you spot his nickname’s likeness!? 😊

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