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Meeting, working for and interviewing Mike Lindell

I had wanted to meet Mike Lindell for nearly three years, but it’s not because he a multi-millionaire CEO, nor is it because he talks on the phone with President Trump every other day.

I initially wanted to meet Mike because I saw a photo of a jolly man holding a pillow with a sense of sweetness, gentleness and joy. I had no idea who he was, but I thought, “Aww he’s so cute; I want to meet him!”

Then, I had the privilege of starting to work for his Lindell Recovery Network, filming and collecting testimonies of people who have escaped addition to drugs, gambling, pornography and more by turning to Jesus Christ and falling in love with Him. When my husband, Anthony Salerno, and I travel with Overcomers TV to various states and even overseas, while Anthony films interviews and action clips of ministries being the hands and feet of Jesus, I film testimonies of people who have been set free from addiction through Jesus’ power and love.

Just knowing I am working for the jolly man with the pillow is so delightful, and the work itself is truly rewarding. I have enjoyed watching Christian testimonies on YouTube and other sites for several years as a hobby in my free time, so to actually film them is truly fulfilling.

And now — this week, at the National Religious Broadcasters convention in Dallas, I got to meet Mike in person for the first time; thank him for his generosity to Anthony and me and our Overcomers TV team; and interview him for the Holywood Network. Many thanks to Anna Kim for filming and lighting the interview, Lisa Gruccio and Lisa Price for primping me beforehand, and all three women for praying for me before this interview.

Also, thank you to Chuck Reich, pastor, TV host and executive producer of “Answering the Call,” the flagship show of Overcomers TV, for providing the microphone for this interview. Also, Anthony and I are so grateful to Chuck for making it possible for us to even be at NRB as members of Chuck’s team at the booth that Overcomers TV is sharing with Mike Lindell, where Mike is promoting his new platform, “Frank Speech.”

Lastly, huge thanks to Christi Given, founder of Holywood Network, for providing me with this hosting platform and interview opportunity. Christi is one of my best friends, and she is a fire pistol in the hands of God. Also, she is a genuine prayer warrior for Mike Lindell.

As you may be able to tell from the interview, Mike has a sincere heart for America, and he wants to see our nation turn back to God. Today, Mike is testifying at a hearing about election fraud — two words that, when said together on YouTube, can terminate accounts with thousands of subscribers. Leaders on the left, including those who run the world’s social media and technology, are scared of and rebellious against the truth, but Mike is coming to higher decisionmakers with the facts.

Please pray for Mike Lindell that God would continue to bless his business and open doors for him to minister to Trump and many others in our great nation. Pray for America, that we would turn back to God, because that is what our nation needs. And most importantly, turn to God yourself. Whether you have had your daily Bible time already today or whether you haven’t been on your knees in years unless it’s to pick up something you dropped, God has never stopped loving you. Turn to Him in prayer today. Confess any sins and thank Him for who He is.

I just love the Lord for who He is. He is so kind. He is so faithful. He will not do everything for us because He offers free will and watches to see how we will respond to life situations due to the character of our hearts. But when we seek Him, He rewards us. And when we mess up, He is faithful to forgive us, cleanse us, and often even restore messed-up situations and broken relationships.

He can turn a former crack addict into a CEO; He can take a girl who formerly needed everyone's approval into someone who speaks boldly for His name; and He can transform your life too.

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