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We are so thankful to get to live together and do everything together. We keep looking at each other with amazement, saying, “We got married!”

We are enjoying setting up our house with gifted and thrifted items; building our business and serving new clients in music, film and marketing; investing spiritually in those God sends our way; and establishing happy healthy routines.

(Routines may sounds boring compared to everything else, but they help us stay on track to achieve our goals — plus they’re almost like an everyday tradition, and we like traditions because to us that means celebration and joy 😊).

Here’s to many many more anniversaries — of months and years and decades.

We think it’s so very nice that marriage lasts a lifetime.

PS: Thank you again to everyone who attended, has given through our registry, and prayed for our big day and our marriage. We love you all!

QUESTION: How do you like to celebrate anniversaries? Here in the Salerno household, we kept it simple: wished each other "happy anniversary;" did a couples self-tape for a commercial; had a faith-filled phone call with one of our wedding planning assistants; went to Target (cuz we're fancy like that 😉 though we didn't go carting like on Christmas Eve 2019 😉); and then made buffalo cauliflower wings from scratch for the first time.

Would love to hear how you celebrate anniversaries if you're married or in a relationship; and for all the single ladies — and men — how you celebrate anniversaries of God-moments in your life or other special memories that are important to you.

It's valuable to build memorials in our lives to commemorate and celebrate because it can all go by too quickly if we don't stop to thank and praise God and be thankful for what, and who, truly matters.

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