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Pre-Grammy Celebration

We spent most of the night on the other side of the lens — Anthony D. Salerno filming and me photographing — but I’m glad we got to pop onto the “red carpet” real quick before things got cray to get a quick snap of us together at the Pre-Grammy Celebration, where we worked for Devine Evans’ Black Dynasty Media.

While keeping my eyes peeled for great photo op moments, I also kept my eyes open for signs of God throughout the two-day event, held at the Globe Theatre in DTLA and the Avalon Theatre in Hollywood.

A few highlights — Josh Moreland‘s performance, which included such lyrics as, “I don’t need your co-sign; I’m heaven-sent,” and plenty of hallelujahs; Elle ED mentioning prayer in her hit song; and Coi Leray, who recently worked with our Radiance International - Hollywood House of Prayer worship leader Taylor Hill, reminding attendees to “keep God first” toward the end of her statement as host at last night’s show.

Also, it was a privilege to pray with people on both nights, and I loved seeing Anthony’s heart for people we met.

For example, he has a genuine brotherly love for Elle ED and wants to see her succeed and help her in any way possible, and he provided some helpful advice on pricing and bundling for another photographer on our team. Whether people are aiming to make it as a star in the spotlight or as a servant who sets up the spotlights, it takes real hustle to make it in LA, so we want to support everyone who is going after their dreams.

Wherever you go, if you believe God is sending you, you can be used by Him. You’re not just a photographer or performer or event organizer — if you’re committed to Christ, you’re SENT. 💌

On a mission.

As Moreland said in his parting words to the crowd,

Your dream, your journey, your life — it matters. Make it count.”

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