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Red Carpet Hosting for HPN

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

It was an honor to finish out my birthday week in a THIRD fancy dress as a red carpet host and photographer at Hollywood Prayer Network’s 20th birthday party. I had so much fun interviewing people who I wanted to talk with anyway and asking them questions about how God is moving in the entertainment industry through HPN and the broader Holywood movement.

And I liked taking photos, particularly of people who were too humble to try to get a picture in front of the step and repeat but finally allowed me to usher them on for a photo. It reminded me of how Proverbs 25:7 says it is wise to take the lower seat at a table and possibly get invited from there to a place of honor.

Everyone is important in God’s sight, and I want everyone to get their “red carpet moment!”

Special shoutout to:

Catherine Lidstone, the only person I interviewed who stopped before we started so she could pray that God would speak through her. That ended up being a very good interview that I hope will minister to those who listen.

Edwina Findley, who not only participated in an HPN interview with her husband, Kelvin Dickerson, and me but who also took the time for a second interview with me for the Holywood Network.

Thank you also to Sarah Hernandez, (actress from Unplanned), Ruzanna (producer, director and course creator), Andrea Logan (actress and producer, formerly for Pureflix) and Gianna Simone (actress in a Star Trek and other films) and others for honoring God and Karen Covell in my interviews with you!

Anthony & Tiffany Salerno with Karen Covell, near the dance floor at Hollywood Prayer Network's 20th Birthday Party on Aug. 14, 2021, at First Presbyterian Church in Hollywood.

Also, special thanks to:

Lee Benton for the evening gown, which she gave to me as part of her gown gifting at the Mother’s Day edition of Lee Benton Ministries International. I nearly wore it to a recent wedding before remembering that female guests should avoid wearing white on the bride’s big day. I wondered when I’d ever get to wear it! But God knew :)

Kelry Kirchenmann for the golden barrette from India that I intended to wear but forgot until I was on the way (it’s not her fault I forgot so she still gets to be thanked). More importantly, thank you to Kelry for booking me as a red carpet host and photographer.

I had a blast.

Above all, praise God for the power of prayer. Looking around, I was amazed that prayer to the Father, through the Son, by the Holy Spirit, built all this — this big party with all these people wearing fancy clothes, enjoying delicious food, dancing to fun music, and more. We were all there because of prayer.

Praise God for hearing us and letting us communicate directly with Him (what an honor and privilege!), and

happy, happy birthday to The Hollywood Prayer Network.

A promotional graphic about the event.

HPN reposted my Instagram story with the message, "Thank you @TiffanyRoneySalerno for being a stunning hostess on our red carpet." Thank you, HPN! And thank you for hosting such a special and meaningful event. I would be glad to host for y'all anytime :)

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