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Spirit-Led Love Story

God is so faithful. I love this man. Shortly after I got baptized in September 2010, God started downloading to me so many promises about my future marriage. Around that time and continuing in the following years, I started knowing that my husband was in California, most likely Los Angeles in particular; that he was tall and slim with dark hair; and that he was a musician.

I knew we would live with other people (not just the two of us in a house, at least for a season) and that marriage for us would not just be about “settling down” as I had heard from others but about getting up, traveling and experiencing new adventures! Those are just a few of the things God showed me. (God even gave me the desire for my exact engagement ring that Anthony ended up giving to me, without knowing that's what I wanted, and it was an heirloom from his grandparents!)

As you get closer to God and submit your life to Him, He may start to give you glimpses of what is to come. Not necessarily because you are asking for it but because He wants to let you in on His secrets. He wants to be a best friend to you! And He wants you to know, when it happens, that it is from Him.

He is a marvelous God, and He wants to show His wonders in your life.

I am grateful to say that God brought these and many more things to pass that He showed me about my future husband, who is now my real actual living husband. It still amazes me! God is faithful to bring His promises to pass, if we simply cooperate with Him.

Seek the Lord and obey Him in all things. Let Him make your marriage His masterpiece.

Let God write your love story.
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