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Upon finding out I was booked as panelist for a talk show in the "Ellen empire," I prayed I could bring a positive influence and say something that would honor God.

Turns out, I not only got to SAY it; I got to SING it!

Syd, co-host of "The Generational Talk Show," a spin-off of The Ellen Degeneres Show, invited me to sing our original song, "Stars and Dots," on this episode, which focuses on the effects of social media on women in three age groups.

I went on the show aiming to be a light for Jesus, and I'm so grateful He gave me the opportunity to not only perform this song but even have others sing along! It’s such an important and timely message, and it fits so well with the topic of social media.

Though “Stars and Dots” was inspired by the children’s book “You are Special” by Max Lucado, its message is relevant to all ages, and it speaks to today’s social media culture and the comparison and self-esteem issues it can breed.

Stars and Dots” is the first track on our kids' album, “I Am a Worshipper," which has six songs designed to help listeners declare their identity in Christ, the foundations of who He is, and their intention to follow Jesus forever.

Wherever you go, believe that God is sending you (unless you know you’re not supposed to go there; then turn around! 🤪), and let Him use you. If you have given your life to Jesus, you are an ambassador for Christ wherever you go.

So get out there, my friends, and shine your light!

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