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One surefire way out of fear or a funk is to start thanking God. 


I had been delaying working on our children’s album illustrations for a while, which is not good because our songs are done and ready to be released. One of the last few things they needed before the album can drop is the square image for the cover and promotional materials. 


One recent night, I realized that I was procrastinating because of fear of failure. I was afraid that I wouldn’t be very good at sketching the graphic in my imagination and I was afraid of the feeling of being bad at it. 


So instead, when I had a free block of time to work on it, I did other things, like eat cereal, call friends, and see what Anthony was up to. 


(Also, it didn’t help that I had lost some of my previous sketches, which was a little disheartening.)


When I finally realized what was going on with me, I set my pencil to paper and discovered that the process was going much better than expected. I hadn’t lost as much artwork as I’d thought I had, and I was actually much happier with my in-progress work than I thought I would be. 


At one moment while drawing, I felt a nudge from the Lord to start thanking Him. 


My thankful prayers soon led to this statement, which sounded to me like something straight out of a Stephen Furtick preaching mix:


“Thank you Lord that I don’t fear the size of my task; my task fears the size of my God.”


That felt really good to say!


If you’re ever tempted to delay a task because you’re afraid of being bad at it, I would encourage you to speak that out:


“Thank you Lord that I don’t fear the size of my task; my task fears the size of my God.”


Let me know if this resonates with you! Also, what power thoughts or prophetic statements help encourage you to move forward when you feel stuck or afraid? 


I would love to hear some inspiring and motivating thoughts in the comments :)


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