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Proximity Power

The power of proximity really is amazing. You can become more like a person you admire simply by spending time with them! I am amazed by how after spending time with certain people who I look up to, I realize myself adopting their mannerisms and mindsets.

This realization echoes Proverbs 13:20a, which says,

Walk with the wise and become wise.”

On the other hand, be careful who you choose to spend most of your time with and especially who you bounce your ideas off of and use as sounding boards and counsel-givers for discussing your uncertainties and potential plans.

The rest of that Proverb states,

A companion of fools will suffer destruction

(Proverbs 13:20b). Eek! 😬

Who are you near? The adjective form of “proximity” is “proximal.” With whom are you being proximal? How optimal are your proximals? 😃

You can only be close to so many people at one time, and you can’t get coffee one-on-one with everyone you meet.

Choose wisely.

Of course, not everyone you meet with must be someone you look up to; it’s also important to spend time with those you can mentor and positively influence. But if there’s no positive influence going either direction, and you’re not calling each other higher and growing together, then consider re-evaluating how close you want to hold that relationship.

Walk with the wise and become wise.”
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