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Turquoise Summer

I was going to wear a new (to me) dress from Goodwill that is pink with pockets, but I felt like God didn’t want me to wear it Sunday. So I was obedient to wear this blue outfit — and then it was great because I realized I could wear this turquoise necklace I’ve hardly ever worn, and I noticed this hat peeking out of the top of a bag we’re taking to storage. I think it was Anthony’s from years ago, but I saw it has a turquoise stripe on it, so I grabbed it on the way out the door.

And it all came together for such a cute outfit!

It was nice to not only get compliments from people at Mt Baldy Village Church but also to hear from Anthony that he was glad I wore this outfit! I didn’t wear the hat for the service because I was afraid of being too extra, but I put it on afterward and felt 10x cuter. It reminds me of what Anthony said when I questioned his desire to wear a burgundy velvet suit jacket (instead of a normal black one) to our wedding. I asked, “Isn’t that a little extra?” And he replied,

“Tiffany, we are the most EXTRA people we know.” I was like, “True.”

🤪😊 He wore the burgundy velvet when I married him, and I’m so glad he did! ✨ Maggie Williams, a prophetic messenger I like to watch online, shared one time that when she asked God about people telling her she was too “extra,” God told her that what people called EXTRA, He called EXCELLENT. I can’t claim to always be excellent, but I do know that when I’m less fearful of what people think, my personality often comes out as a little bit extra, and that’s okay — it’s how God made me!

Everyone should be and express who God made them to be. Live in His joy. And always live free.

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